Synodality? What Does This Mean?

In recent times we became familiar with a new word: "synodality."

We have heard many times that we are on a “synodal path”. But what is the meaning of this? Francis has said in 2015: “We must continue along this path. The world in which we live, and which we are called to love and serve, even with its contradictions, demands that the Church strengthen cooperation in all areas of her mission. It is precisely this path of synodality which God expects of the Church of the third millennium.”

The host Mº Aurelio Porfiri, a musician and author will talk about this topic with Dr. José Antonio Ureta, author of “Pope Francis's ''Paradigm Shift'': Continuity or Rupture in the Mission of the Church? An Assessment of His Pontificate's First Five Years”, Prof. Eduardo Echeverria, author of “Pope Francis: The Legacy of Vatican II”, Dr. Jules Gomes, Rome correspondent for Church Militant, Father Francesco Giordano, Director of Human Life International’s Rome office and Dr. Robert Moynihan, author of “Finding Vigano: The Man Behind the Testimony that Shook the Church and the World.”

The program will be streamed on numerous social media channels, including the You Tube channel RITORNO A ITACA, the Facebook fanpage of AURELIO PORFIRI and on Aurelio Porfiri’s TWITTER account.