Cathedral Rector Rants Against Vaccination-Free People - Complaint

Father Toni Faber, the rector of Vienna Cathedral, declared publicly that he has “no compassion” for Covid vaccination-free human beings (video below).

Therefore, Viennese lawyer Harald Sitta filed a complaint against Faber with Vienna's Vaccination-Cardinal Christoph Schönborn.

In an open letter, he asks Schönborn "how this statement can be consistent with the duties of a cleric." Sitta points out that a blanket denial of "compassion" towards a certain group of people violates the official priestly duties.

He further states that a cleric is expected to question [vaccination] propaganda and demagogy on the part of political bodies and the oligarchs’ media.


Synodal Patth for the win. :P :P :P
Maybe God will have no compassion on him, too
Jesus said dont judge others if dont want to be judge by God ,We need God,s compassion and mercy .not yours
Jeffrey Ade
@Scapular Nicely put! The second commandment is like unto the first!
No compassion, well we still love you with Jesus’s Sacred Heart.
Antônio Frasson afrasson
The question that remains is whether the pope shares the opinion with him.