Paris Archbishop: "We Must Stop this Joke"

Three police men wey carry gun enter Saint Andre-de-l'Europe for Paris as Fada Philippe de Maistre dey celebrate mass wey dem dey stream online.

One acolyte, one canotor, one organist and three parishoners na im dey around.

De Maistre tell LeFigaro.fr say fada na im be the authority for Church, "the only people wey surpose enter church without permission from fada na pepole wey dey quench fire, police no suppose try am."

But, the policemen tell fada make im stop the Mass. Him no gree, so dem come tell am say im go pay fine.

Afta, De Maistre come tell Paris Archbishop Michel Aupetit, wey condemn the tin for Nostre-Dame-Radio (April 22), him still criticize say even though dem don fomally ban dem, police still enter church with weapons.

"No terrorists dey there!" - na wetin Aupetit explaijn, "We must calm down stop this joke, if not, we go tok and shout loud o."