Bergoglio: Salacious Tango Mass YES! Pious Roman Mass NO!

Francis’ double standard becomes evident in the down below video (from 25:30 on) when he is seen presiding a 2008 Tango Eucharist.

The desecration happened on the occasion of the celebrations for the 80th anniversary of the Parish of Santa Maria de los Ángeles in Buenos Aires. Cardinal Bergoglio presided the Eucharist.

At the end oft he event, Ángel Zavaleta and Graciela Scuri danced a salacious Tango to the tune of 'Poema' by Francisco Canaro in front of the Novus Ordo meal table while Bergoglio was sitting behind the liturgical table.

When the performance was finished, the congregation turned into a public and applauded like in a theatre. "I like the Tango," Bergoglio confided to journalists in 2010.


Roberto 55
Typical for NO churches: there is very noisy enviro-everyone is talking and nobody listening, compare to TLM churches - quiet, so you can pray to God.
An old fag like Francis could only hate the reverence of the Mass of Ages.
Thanks for sharing. No question about anything.
Jeffrey Ade
Pray in reparation!