Pastoral Rigidity: Washington Cardinal Wants to "Forbid" The Mass

Washington Cardinal Wilton Gregory is expected to crack down on the Mass, announced PreserveTheLatinMass.org (May 13).

On Saturday, the faithful held prayer meetings at all Roman Mass locations. They ask Gregory to be a pastor, to accompany the faithful and to refrain from marginalising them.

A group of altar boys explained to him on May 4 that the Mass is their “refuge” and if it is "forbidden," it would be like losing "something of ourselves.”

In summer 2021, Gregory brutally forbad a long planned Mass which Archbishop Gullickson should have celebrated.


Dit zijn wreedheden tegen de mensheid.
Credo .
It will be a waste of a beautiful altar!
Jeffrey Ade
Don't worry, they get a bulldozer to deal with that!
la verdad prevalece
Big Problems Ahead (churchmilitant.com)

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Jeffrey Ade
So a bishop is anti Catholic, who would have thought? :)