The papacy is an "earthly authority", so......
Facts Not Lies
Catholic Mass (any) is a joy to behold.
Beyond the reverence, auditory enthrallment, care to detail of and stolid adherence to a value.

Yep... they just don't make them like they used to.
De Profundis
“Those who bow to Jesus cannot and must not prostrate themselves before any earthly authority, however powerful.” - Pope Benedict XVI
Irony coming from the guy who fast-tracked JP II's canonization before the body was even cold. :P
Nahh... Rey is like Jar-Jar. Any Star Wars movie with the character is automatically non-canon. :D There will ALWAYS be pious clergy and there will ALWAYS Latin Mass celebrated somewhere, with or without the bishop's knowledge. --and why is General Ursus standing behind Rey? I know Disney owns both movie franchises but they shouldn't do character "cross-overs". :D
Many of the young who have learned about the Catholic Mass (Latin) are very angry at the clergy who cheated them out of it.
I'm not angry, but definitely feel cheated.
Louis IX
I am angry at Church leadership for abandoning the Church’s greatest tool of evangelization while simultaneously destroying the Good, True and Beautiful for no good reason.
They were able to wreck it - so they did. That is what comes of having a church government in which the highest authority is free of all checks and balances & restraints, and can do anything whatsoever that it wants. Tyranny and absolutism are objectionable enough in purely human politics - they do not become good when they are found in the Church.