Lampedusa, Francis’ Great Symbol, Has Fallen

The 6000 inhabitants of the Italian island of Lampedusa, between Malta and the Tunisia, have turned their back to Pope Francis.

They overwhelmingly voted for the Catholic Matteo Salvini and his Lega which is fighting illegal immigration. The Lega received 45%, Salvini 410 personal votes, his leftwing opponent 250.

Francis and his spin-machine have worked hard against the Lega, simultaneously promoting the pro-decadence ex-Communists who are pushed by the oligarchs.

Since the early 2000s, Lampedusa, has become a prime destination for human traffickers Importing illegal immigrants from Africa, Arabia and Asia into Italy.

In July 2013, Pope Francis made his first official visit outside of Rome to Lampedusa where he promoted illegal immigration.

Since then, Vatican propaganda has styled “Lampedusa” as the new symbol for open borders.