Is this for real? Where is our Church?

Dr Taylor Marshall, "He still wanted to be an altar boy and ring the bells"
Bilder einer Computer-Kirche
F M Shyanguya
Is that his boy? Don’t be fooled. Dr Marshall Agent in place and from a Freemasonic family. Now clear where he got info on Infiltration, his book. Inside information.
Dr Bobus
Taylor Marshall is a convert.

As for following or not following, you should mind your own affairs. Who are you to tell people what to do?
F M Shyanguya
Just like him, you people reveal yourself. Noting you did nothing to rebut my comment but came at me as an attack dog,

Being a convert matters nothing if he is not faithful to the Faith he converted to. And now he is using that Faith to mislead the faithful and enrich himself.
At least let's commend this young man's religious zeal. He's the best future the Catholic laity has.
First they brought the screens into the churches. Now they shut down the churches and bring an illusion of religion on the home-screens.
Don Reto Nay
The Church with the smell of computer screens.
F M Shyanguya