Archbishop Cordileone: Why Are They More Restrictive With the Church?

San Francisco Mayor London Breed announced under the coronavirus pretext that indoor Masses are forbidden and outdoor services are allowed with only up to fifty faithful.

San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone replied that the government has no authority to make such a decision (, September 10).

He is concerned that politicians use "science" in order to introduce “utterly unreasonable” and unfair measures. The numbers allowed are for him arbitrary as no limit for street protests are set, “Why are they more restrictive with the Church than with others.”

He points out that churches have different areas, can open windows and doors, and “be safer than any other indoor space.”

Cordileone revealed that the politicians didn’t answer his questions. Therefore, on September 20, he will organise an Eucharistic procession to protest the city’s limits, walk past the city hall, and end with public Masses outside the cathedral.


Simple answer; They hate Christ and His Church
Is indoor dining also forbidden and outdoor restaurants allowed with only fifty people including servers? No? Time for a law-suit.
F M Shyanguya
Er ... that’s what is called persecution. This one the end time one, the Antichrist’s.
F M Shyanguya

Ss Cornelius & Cyprian [pray for the Church, pray for us], Wed Sep 16, 2020 Memorial

Receive, we pray, O Lord, the offerings of your people
in honor of the passion of your holy Martyrs,
Saints Cornelius and Cyprian,
and may the gifts that gave them courage under persecution
make us, too, steadfast in all trials.
Through Christ our Lord.