Go with the Flow: Francis Quotes Martin Luther

Francis invoked a “better world” in an article he published on the oligarch (November 22).

The text is part of a book he will publish next week. Francis mentions the “transforming force” of Christianity which is only a “collateral effect” of the “spiritual intensity” of the Christians.

The origin of this force is “the primate of grace,” Francis explains, which doesn’t lead to passivity but increases energy and sensitivity to injustice.

Although his Fratelli tutti is the longest encyclical ever written, Francis warns of moralism and of Christian words which “are losing their meaning.”

Then, he uses a long quote of Martin Luther to moralise about not helping a poor is also stealing, and again Luther and the Protestant theologian Reinhold Niebuhr (+1971) to explain the commonplace that justice must be accompanied by mercy.


"Not helping a poor is also stealing." No it isn't. The government taking money earned by other people and giving it to "the poor" is stealing. Technically, it's robbery since it's done with the threat of force.
comfort ye
Something is not connecting in this translation...
Dr Bobus
Actually, even in their glorious days, the Jesuits' MO had much in common with Protestantism. It was balanced with a legalistic relationship with Rome, which has now largely does not exist.
Luther committed suicide, hung himself.