Cardinal Gives Lesson to Francis - Without Mentioning Him

Cardinal Robert Sarah has pointed out that "love and law are linked to each other".

Talking to Catholic Herald (April 5), he said that a friend of God respects God's teaching according to Christ's words: “If you love me, then you respect my commandments.”

Sarah stressed that priests and bishops [the pope included] either conform to this truth or are “confusing the people of God”.

Pope Francis is often charged with confusing the faithful. He also said several times that it is “sick” to follow the law of God “rigidly” [read: accurately].

Picture: Robert Sarah, © Antoine Mekary, Aleteia, CC BY-NC-ND, #newsVvvesyjwwm
Integrity of doctrine and sanctity of life; for, if either of these should be wanting to the Church, it might then be justly said, that she had been left and abandoned by Christ, her Spouse. (Estius)