Message For Funeral: Benedict XVI Received "Inner Sign" To Visit Dying Brother

Benedict XVI wrote a message for the funeral of his brother, Monsignor Georg Ratzinger. It was read during the July 8 ceremony by Archbishop Georg Gänswein.

Benedict XVI valued three characteristics of his brother - music, humour and piety - and expressed his gratitude that he was allowed “to be with him another time in the last days of his life.”

“He did not ask for a visit from me. But I felt that it was the hour to come to him another time.” Benedict is “deeply grateful for this inner inner sign which the Lord gave me.”

“When I said goodbye to him on Monday, June 22, we knew that it would be a farewell from this world forever. But we knew that the good God who allowed us to be together in this world also rules in the other world and will let us meet there."

Benedict thanked his brother “for all you have done, suffered and given to me.”



The english translation from google translate is uncharacteristically coherent.