Pope Francis declares death penalty unacceptable: New effort to refocus scandal-plagued church?

After declaring that the death penalty is "inadmissible" in all cases, Pope Francis has formally added opposition to capital punishment to the Roman …
angry bob
Call to all fathful Cardinals and Bishops!!!! Put an end to this madness!!!
@Prayhard: Right. The worst crime is not to take one's earthly life, but to take one's eternal life. The worst criminals are heretics and in the good old days they were put to death.
He carries on with his efforts to pollute the Magisterium, to poison the well of the waters of life. The death penalty has always been permitted by the Church to defend society. Moreover, I'd suggest the death penalty for his crew of thieves, pederasts and heretics.
paul grech
Bergoglio should concentrate on cleaning himself, his cronies and the rest of the Bergoglian church from homosexuality, paedophilia and money laundering and should leave the Cathechism alone. He has no authority to change Catholic doctrine.
Just ignore the heretic.
Salon? Really???? That's satanic garbage.
What's worrying is that the first reason given is not about saving souls, but some obscure reference to "dignity".
Dr Bobus
Should be: incompetence of Maradiaga
angry bob
Misdirection, but it won't work
Dr Bobus
He used Pineda and McCarrick to divert attention from the competence of Maradiaga and his Rainbow seminary. Now to change the conversation from McCarrick, he uses the death penalty.

Beam me up, Scotty. There's no intelligent life down here.