Francis' Rigidity in Action: Argentinian “Chartres” Pilgrimage Without Mass

The Nuestra Señora de la Cristiandad pilgrimage was forbidden to celebrate the closing Mass at Our Lady of Luján Basilica, Argentina.

The October 9-11 pilgrimage from Rawson to Luján (100 kilometres) is the Argentinian version of the French Paris-Chartre pilgrimage at Pentecoste.

The prohibition is a result of Francis' Traditionis Custodes rigidity. The pilgrimage has existed for 12 years.

The organisers asked Mercedes-Luján Bishop Jorge Eduardo Scheinig, 62, repeatedly but in vain for an audience/dialogue. The pilgrimage will take place despite the ban and the civil authorities of the municipalities where the pilgrimage passes through are informed.

On September 26, Francis feigned during the Angelus, “The Holy Spirit wants openness, and welcoming communities where there is a place for everyone.”

Picture: Nuestra Señora de la Cristiandad Argentina, 2018, #newsKytmwcdqgt

This rigidity is also evil ,we have to stop obeying evil!