Needs Your Help - An Urgent Appeal
Vaccination: The Donkey First Picture: ©, CC BY-ND, #newsNpolzwpaxiMore
Vaccination: The Donkey First

Picture: ©, CC BY-ND, #newsNpolzwpaxi
Opponents of Christianity will believe anything except Christianity.
What's this! Don't put words in the mouth of our Lady she hasn't said! First the donke, and then the rest? And the Holy Family? Knowing that vaccinations are made with aborted children! What's this blaspheme! Also mocking the holy Wise Men. Don't mock holy people or stuff! Delete this blaspheme immediately!
Doctors have had confirmed Covid doesn’t give immunity. If getting the disease didn’t give immunity then nor would getting the vaccine; both do the same thing in stimulating the immune response it both do nothing.