Schneider: Never before Have the Demons Been So Active

At present, demonic forces have increased to such an extent that we find ourselves in a spiritual battle whose magnitude surpasses anything we have ever seen before, says Bishop Athanasius Schneider in a video about the angels.

The video was published in German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French.

The battle lines in this struggle are between truth and error, and naturalism and supernaturalism, Schneider explains. He notices that there is an enormous confusion in doctrine, morals and liturgy, so that even good people start doubting about basic truths like moral tenets regarding contraception, divorce or adultery.

The truth is obscured with suggestive formulations, Schneider analyses and mentions expressions such as "primacy of mercy," "surprises of the Holy Spirit," "paradigm shift," "individual conscience," "pastoral accompaniment" or "process of discernment". Interestingly, these formulations are all used by Francis.

Schneider recommends venerating the Holy Angels to fight against evil spirits, but also to entrust the little things of life to them.

One example: "Sometimes my guardian angel wakes me up at the exact moment I need to wake up, when the alarm clock hasn't worked." His conclusion: "The more we ask the angels, the more they help us."