Nicaraguan Bishop Under House Arrest

Nicaraguan police launched a criminal investigation on August 5 against Matagalpa Bishop Rolando Álvarez who opposes the government.

The accusations are vague. Álvarez is accused of trying to incite the faithful to violence, of “acts of hatred against the population” and disturbing peace and harmony.

He has been confined to his residence on Thursday. Police prevented him from leaving the house to preside the Eucharist. Faithful gathered around his house.

The bishop came out to confront police and bless the people (video below). He was walking around and singing and praying with them.

At one point, he knelt on a sidewalk, hands up, next to policemen who didn't intervene, producing pictures which went around the globe.

On August 6, Álvarez celebrated a live-streamed home eucharist. The investigation against him regards also six priests and lay people.

Nicaraguan Nuncio Sommertag was expelled from the country in March after security forces wiretapped his support for a conspiracy to overthrow the government.


Koza Nutria
What exactly he said please?