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Oh... that requires actual individual thought... maybe we are asking too much of these cattle.
It is. In order to think, one must first learn how to think (i.e. reason). That is the last thing leftists, especially those in the education field want to do.
Facts Not Lies
@Ultraviolet Yes... it would undo all the lobbing and costs spent on eliminating critical thinking and insertion of excessive uncertainty into 'education'.

"A dependent citizen is a good citizen".
Trust the media, trust the science. ;-)
Facts Not Lies
And Alexa (Siri) they have ONLY your personal interests in mind... certainly!
Facts Not Lies
Siri, who are we at war with?

"~~Why ask? We are at war with the East. We have always been at war with the East. We will be reducing your food rations this week for the war effort.~~"
FYI: "Will you take the vaccine?" is said by Mr. Trump.