Benedict XVI's Last Words

Benedict XVI's last words before he died on the morning of December 31 were: "Jesus, I love you" in Italian, Archbishop Georg Gänswein told

At that precise moment, there was only one nurse with Benedict XVI who did not speak German. He said the “words with a whipser of a voice but in a clearly distinguishable manner,” the nurse told Gänswein.

Those were his last comprehensible words, because afterwards he was no longer able to express himself. reports that after his death, Archbishop Gänswein immediately called Francis who arrived within ten minutes and was the first at the deathbed.

In his last hours, Benedict constantly asked for "forgiveness" to those who accompanied him in this last journey for the extra work involved.

Present were Gänswein, two doctors, two nurses, the four consecrated women of his household and Sister Birgit Wansing, his German secretary.