Cardinal Believes In "Sacrament Of Poverty"

Cardinal Raniero Cantalamessa provided at a December 18 Advent retreat a “biblical and theological foundation” for a preferential choice for "the poor."

He published his theories on Cantalamessa.org. For him it is “well-founded” to speak of a “Sacrament” of poverty which he doesn't hesitate to compare to the Eucharist.

“He who said over the bread: ‘This is my body’ used the same words about the poor as well," Cantalamessa claims and offers as a proof Matthew 25,31 where Christ says that what is done to the hungry, thirsty, imprisoned, naked and strangers, is done to him.

However, saying “this is my body” and saying “you did this for me” are two very different things.


Two very different things indeed!
Sacrament of___________________ (Fill in the blank). Ain't Newchurch wonderful?
Novus ordo franciscans ...bitter traitors they only put the habit when they say an heresy