Scottish Bishops: Mass Won't Return for LONG Time

A working group of the Scottish bishops, chaired by Argyll and the Isles Bishop Brian McGee, decided that Masses will not be back before "at least" 2021.

According to DumbartonReporter.co.uk (May 13), McGee said that “parish life cannot quickly return to normal until a vaccine or a treatment is available.”

He believes that online masses have supported Catholics “in safe ways.” His prediction, “Even when churches reopen, parish activities will still be greatly restricted.”

It's not certain at all that a COVID-19 vaccine will be found. Previous attempts to develop vaccines for viruses in the coronavirus family (like SARS, MERS) have failed although they have been a priority for governments around the world.

Picture: Brian McGee, © Press picture, #newsFlqsgcrlfg

Eric M
Thank you, Jesus! No more fake masses in fake communion with Bergoglio! I'm moving to Scotland.
Novella Nurney
Better off getting rid of the bishop and bringing the mass back. One is clearly needed the other not.
Arthur McGowan
When you report on a story, Common Courtesy dictates that you PROVIDE A LINK. You never do.
P. O'B
If bishops don't care about the Faith, why do they think the laity will?
Salaam, your excellencies. Such news brings joy to the Prophet (pbuh) and unto Allah (swt). Let us discuss buying your empty buildings for our usage...