Pro-Gay Prelates Oppose Bishop Laun

Vienna Cardinal Schönborn and Salzburg Archbishop Lackner criticised Bishop Andreas Laun for having stated that gravely sinful things like gay pseudo-marriages, concentration camps or the Mafia cannot be blessed.

Schönborn hastened to talk to kathpress.at (February 13) in order to defend homosexualism. He even spoke about an alleged “value” of gay relationships while the Catholic Church considers such relationships mortally sinful.

Lackner said that for him it is “incomprehensible” that Laun pointed to the link between “crimes against humanity” and - what he called - “same-sex forms of life”.

At the end even Laun got cold feed. In an open letter to what he called “members of the LGBT community” (February 13) he said that he did not want to "offend" anybody and even made an apology to those who felt "offended".

However, Laun also declared that “most people” [Schönborn and Lackner not included] understood and thanked him.

Picture: Christoph Schönborn, © Manuela Gößnitzer, CC BY-SA, #newsFjkligfpul
Schönborn is mad at Bishop Laun for defending the faith and not at Card Marx for destroying it
These bishops are wrong and should repent
Dr Bobus
@Tesa. What he wants is the path of least resistance. And he is a liar--I have personal experience of this.
The 'Gay Mafia' rides again!!! There are more active homosexuals in the Vatican than non.
@Dr Bobus Schönborn has a Backbone - e.g. for defending homosexualism. Only in the USA, Catholics think that he is a Catholic but cannot / doesn't as he wants. This is not true. He does what he wants.
Dr Bobus
Schonborn has the backbone of a jellyfish