Melbourne teenager is choked unconscious and thrown to the floor like a rag doll by hotel security, for not wearing a mask.
Sixteen seconds doesn't give much context. Was he attacked for not wearing a mask or because he refused to leave and not wearing a mask?

Did he attempt to strike the security officer? Or threaten him? Video doesn't show everyathing leading up to this, does it?

This is the problem with so many "excessive force" videos involving police and security.
I'll bet the overstuffed security feels like a big, important man for choking a boy. Bet his gov't gives him a medal for protecting others against covid.
Alex A
What a 'big man'! I feel like running him over with my mobility scooter. Truly.
Jeffrey Ade
Dad gum, shoot!
Its unreal ,a disgrace
De Profundis
Our Lady of Sorrows
Women harassed and arrested in London, UK
Police harass and arrest Women at Parliament Square - YouTube
Louis IX
Hopefully someone will identify these thugs behind the masks.
Simply Satanic.
Sad. We must rise up against evil