Double-Tongued Cardinal Coccopalmerio

Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio, the president of the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts, speaks in contradictions.

Talking to (January 2) he correctly said that remarried divorcees cannot be admitted to Holy Communion because they live in manifest grave sin.

But a second later he said the opposite. Speculating on the case of adulterers who want to change their lives but "cannot do so", he claimed that they were "only in objective sin", not in a "subjective sin". Such a distinction is purely academical. In reality sin either exists in a person or it doesn't.

Coccopalmerio's theory implies that he is affirming the fourth of the five Dubia which asks: “Can there be circumstances and intentions that excuse or even justify an evil act?”

Such an affirmation is heretical because the Council of Trent condemned the idea, that God's commandments are impossible to keep.

Picture: Francesco Coccopalmerio, © wikipedia, CC BY-SA, #newsRxbrydvwop