Archbishop Accused of Homosexual Abuses

Four former seminarians have accused Belem Archbishop Alberto Taveira Correa, 70, Brazil, of “abuses” which allegedly happened between 2014 and 2018.

During a report aired Sunday night on Brazil's biggest broadcaster, TV Globo, they claimed that Correa would invite them to his home, bring them to his bedroom, ask them questions about sexuality and masturbation, then have them remove their clothes and begin touching and fondling them, sometimes while praying.

At the time, the accusers were between 15 and 18 years old. In a video posted online, Correa denied any wrongdoing, pointing out that TV Globo did not give him an opportunity to respond. Now, police are investigating.


Wichita Knight
Something smells here. Any 18 year-old should be able to knock down a 68 year-old with one hand behind their back. They appear to have gone voluntarily to his bedroom, and Correa didn't forcibly strip them, they willingly took their clothes off.

I am not defending Correa, but these seminarians do not appear to have lifted one finger to get out of the situation.
michael f
The fruits of Vatican 2 knows no boundaries.
Four witnesses is a lot.