Eight Sacrament: Bishop Imposes Vaccine

Grand Falls Bishop Anthony Daniels, 64, Canada, requires since October 22 a vaccination for all older than 12 for attending Mass.

His October 15 decree (below) allows for exceptions only in extraordinary circumstances such es funerals or weddings.

Daniels adds, “After verifying proof of vaccination, you must also review identification.” For persons older than 19, this identification must include name, age and a photo. This name must match with the vaccination-passport.

Despite the vaccination mandate, all other restrictions stay in place such as capacity limit, masks, contact tracing and physical distancing.

Daniels, a former London Auxiliary Bishop, Ontario, was appointed to Grand Falls by Benedict XVI in 2011.


Jan Joseph
De Bisschop hoopt op lege kerken, hij kan alvast zijn werkeloosheidsuitkering gaan aanvragen.
Antônio Frasson afrasson
Vaccines made from aborted fetuses!
Servant Of Divine Mercy
What is more dangerous than Judas? Thousands of Judas.'
Hound of Heaven
"Let the little children come to me. No, not those children; they are not yet vaccinated." Matt 19:14 CRE (Covid Revised Edition)
What in the world is HE THINKING. Oh my gosh! we must pray and sacrifice for him. 8th sacrament? he should definitely be removed from the church, he's taking God place to make new sacraments, it's not his place.
His order is utterly null and void and should be totally ignored and mocked, to his face
Oh, Canada. :P Here in Murrica, he'd probably get sued by his parishioners.
This is the face of a Marxist.
De Profundis
Jeffrey Ade
You heard it here first! The Satanic Sacrament! Archbishop Vigano agrees with me!
Live Mike
For his motto, His Excellency chose the phrase "Duc In Altum" or "Put out into the deep." Do you think he meant Deep State or Deep Church or Both?
I'm more concerned by what His Excellency means by "put out". :P Does His Excellency "put out" and if so, with whom? ;-)
The New Knights Templar
@Ultraviolet Only you would think of this. 😂
Not so. His Excellency got there first. ;-)
There is no such imposition to attend mass in Canada
Another dim wit! Has no idea what his job is!
Grand fall