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No Jab, no Mass

Picture: ©, CC BY-ND, #newsBerjopfvdg
Every New Mass only church seems to go full boomer with masks on everyone, hand sanitiser, the full madness.
Not all of them though. I see many here in Massachusetts that aren't completely masked. For now.
Don't worry. The sign of the beast is to be calculated.
Servant Of Divine Mercy
Still go to Mass of course but don't be a coward by going along with this satanic system of QR Codes and needing to reveal your personal health and medical status. Be bold but righteous and know your countries common law rights, international law and human rights, etc.
Problem is, technically, a Catholic church is an establishment (legally speaking) and the management can require whatever entry requirements it pleases, so long as they're uniformly applied. That means masks, vaxx ID, QR, whatever.
Servant Of Divine Mercy
They are doing this all over the archdiocese of Melbourne, Australia. Do not participate in the QR Codes or show your medical status as it is one of the weapon tools of satan and the governments and new world order globalists will use all this against you in due time.
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Servant Of Divine Mercy
Another example but in archdiocese of Melbourne, Australia:
@Prayhard dont mention it. the authorities will come cracking down on them.
Gardaí came but their powers are not as strong as their blustering threats. Mass times and locations shifted.
Thank God that both the diocesan TLM and SSPX chapel know nothing of masks.
De Profundis