France: The Soupa Gag Continues

Angry that her gag never received a reply from Rome, Anne Soupa, 73, who wants to become an "archbishopess of Lyon," France, has cooked up a sequel to her gag.

She gathered a squad of seven elderly ladies around her calling it "Collective All Female Apostles!" The word "collective" belongs to Marxist vocabulary.

On July 22, the ladies applied at the Nunciature in Paris for jobs like "parish priestess," "bishopess," and "nuncioess" although the Nunciature only hires cooks, cleaning personnel and office aids.

Nevertheless, French Oligarch and State media who keep the stunt alive, are thrilled.

Picture: Anne Soupa, © wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsKigswesiiw

Novella Nurney
Crazy old bats.
Berggy is not King of France but Roman Emperor you shame the Lily!
Le Précurseur
I'm crying for laughter. Already, in order to be a Bishop, she would have to be a priest first, and that's not won!!
Le Précurseur
😂 😂 😂 😂