Schönborn Claims That His Gay Friend Is a Liar, Speaks “Nonsense”

After made the scandal known, Vienna Cardinal Christoph Schönborn distanced himself from the Austrian gay propagandist Gery Keszler who credibly stated that Schönborn blessed his gay concubinage. Keszler recounted the scene vividly and full of details.

Schönborn’s spokesman Michael Prüller admitted to (September 19) that the controversial meeting took place but, splitting hairs, claimed that the "blessing" was not independent but a part of the prayer before the meal, "It is nonsense to make out of this a precedent”, he added.

Prüller's account does not explain why Keszler stated that this "awesome" blessing made him “very, very happy”. Keszler even called his public speaking about the blessing “a bit of a forced outing” of Schönborn.

The fact that Keszler, after the denial, seems not to be offended by his friend Schönborn who de facto has called him a liar, indicates that both, Schönborn and Keszler, are part of the same game which is aiming at getting the people accustomed to homosexual blessings by cardinals.

Picture: Gery Keszler, Christoph Schönborn, © Figlhaus Wien Akademie für Dialog und Evangelisation, CC BY-SA, #newsOipwkyvkkc

two step forward, one step back la la la !
"No, I didn't bless the sodomite. I just ate dinner with the sodomites. We were saying grace together. I wasn't blessing their sodomy. I was accompanying their sin of sodomy. That's all"
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