Homosexual Vatican Judge Convicted For Possession Of Male Child Pornography

Monsignor Pietro Amenta, 55, a judge in the Vatican court Rota Romana since 2012, pleaded guilty to possession of (male) child pornography. On February 15 he received a suspended 14 month prison sentence.

According to Il Messaggero the crime became known in March 2017 when an 18-year old Romanian male accused Amenta of having grabbed his genitals twice in a supermarket. After that, the police searched Amenta’s home finding child pornography on his computer.

Already in 1991, Amenta was accused of obscene homosexual acts and in 2004 for homosexual harassment. In 2013, he filed a complaint after being robbed by two homosexuals dressed in female clothes.

Dr Bobus
I'm surprised he wasn't made an archbishop
Uncle Joe
All he got was a suspended sentence?
No end in sight for these demons.