Francis "Postpones" Africa Trip – New Health Rumours

The Vatican Press Office announced June 10 that Francis is "postponing" his journey to the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan, scheduled for …
Jeffrey Ade
Maybe war is breaking out!
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Damian Thompson writes (Unherd.com, June 9) that the rumour that Francis is terminally ill with cancer, was true. Thompson heard this from an Italian prelate, a diplomatic source, and a well connected American traditional Catholic.
Malki Tzedek
If so, he has one heck of an odd way of getting his 'house in order'. May God grant him the grace (and the willingness to accept it) he requires to reconcile himself and the pontificate to an unambiguous declaration of the Truth, a declaration unfettered by the fetishes of secularism.
He can do it over the TV like the covid 19 lockdowns mass
Deze beslissing is een zegen voor de Rooms Katholieke kerk in Congo en zuid Soedan.
Jeffrey Ade
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The trip was due to take place from 2-7 July and the Archbishop of Canterbury was going to join Francis in South Sudan.