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The Catacomb Text is Out: Warmed Up “Liberation Theology”

The catacomb text signed (video below) by most Amazon Synod delegates was published by

It contains 15 points and shows that aged Liberation theologians, after handing over big parts of Latin America to the Protestants, now are re-inventing themselves by replacing Marxism with environmentalism, and the fight for “the poor” with indigenism.

It fuels climate alarmism, and asks for a “respectful dialogue with all spiritual traditions,” a code-phrase for promoting paganism.

The text asks for ecumenism with “other Christian communities” although the Evangelicals, the main interlocutor in the Amazon, shun paganizing [former] Catholics.

The signees ask for an Anglican like “synodal life” in parishes and dioceses, a smoke-screen to promote Modernism by a “democratic” vote.

They further push for an “urgent recognition” of “ecclesial ministries already existing in the communities,” for a “right" to the “Table of the Eucharist,” for a “ministry of women community leaders,” for a decreased use of plastics, an increased use of public transportation (14), and for welcoming migrants and refugees (15).

Are there migrants and refugees in the Amazon basin?


Stay faithfull to tradition ,in the Church and the Truth of our Lord Jesus Christ
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The text of 1965 was more about "economis" while the version of 2019 is about sex. But in reality, both documents are about the subversion of the Catholic Faith.
Seriously: these people are nothing but neo paganistic pseudo Pentecostal pious frauds.
Not exactly, Pentecostals believe in God.
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@Eva to misuse a legal doctrine, it's the Fruit Of The Poisoned Tree.
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Liberal Christopher Lamb on Twitter, "Cardinal Claudio Hummes, preaching in the catacombs of Domitilla, says the Amazon synod is the “fruit” of the Second Vatican Council"
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