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Our Lady of Sorrows of Campocavallo The miraculous Pieta like icon at Campocavallo in Italy includes a beautiful crown, as well as seven swords piercing Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart. Yes, the seven …More
Our Lady of Sorrows of Campocavallo

The miraculous Pieta like icon at Campocavallo in Italy includes a beautiful crown, as well as seven swords piercing Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart. Yes, the seven sorrows endured by the Blessed Mother throughout her whole life on earth, including (1) that prophecy of Simeon that a sword would pierce her heart; (2) the flight into Egypt to escape from King Herod; (3) eventually the loss of Jesus in the temple at the age of 12; (4) during His Passion when she met Jesus on the Way of the Cross; (5) seeing Him die upon that Cross; (6) holding His dead Body in her arms; (7) burying that same body in the tomb using her own hands. The tears that issued forth from the eyes of the miraculous image at Campocavallo should tell us something. The tears of Mary…the weeping of the Virgin…the lacrimations of the Sorrowful Mother were present at Calvary…at the Cross her station keeping stood the mournful mother weeping. They were tears of grief for the sufferings and death endured by her Divine Son. There was weeping and mourning over the sins of men which brought about the brutal crucifixion. But although those tears were wiped away by our dearest Lord when He first visited His Blessed Mother on Easter Sunday, giving her joy beyond all telling, Our Lady of Sorrows still weeps in the image of Campocavallo. Though she experiences perfect happiness in heaven in the beatific vision, the Holy Virgin mystically weeps as she maintains a connection with the Church militant here below. Statues, paintings, and other icons of Mary have literally wept as a sign of her continued mystical sorrows. The tears Our Lady of Sorrows shed for her Son on Calvary, are now shed for the Mystical Body of Christ, the Catholic Church and her members. She weeps because the Church is persecuted.
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