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This Sister Is in Hell

Operations by the National Intelligence Directorate, a specialised group of the Columbian Police, to rescue Franciscan Sister Gloria Cecilia Narváez, 56, have been suspended.

The Sister was kidnapped in February 2017 in Mali by a Fulani Al Qaeda group. The Muslim Fulani are a large tribe in West Africa, mostly semi-sedentary pastoralist. Al-Qaida is supported by the USA and its satellites in Syria.

Her brother, Edgar, told that the Columbian mission which began three months ago, should have lasted until August. It was suddenly cancelled without an explanation on June 10.

Edgar says that his sister is caring for another nun in captivity who suffers from serious health problems. Sister Gloria was part of four Franciscan Sisters of Mary Immaculate in Karangasso parish, Southern Mali, a region considered to be safe. She was abducted by five men.

Sophie Petronin, a French hostage released in October 2020, said that she spent most of her captivity with Sister Gloria. They went through about 30 different camps and shared everything: blankets, food, water. The two experienced no violence, except once, when Sister Gloria got lost during a walk and was then tied up for three days.

Bamako Cardinal Jean Zerbo said that Sr Gloria’s fate represents a grave humiliation for Mali, “They came to do good and were kidnapped by bandits. This is a shame for our country." Sister’s mother Rosita died in Pasto, Columbia, in September 2020, at the age of 87 without seeing her daughter again.

As Sister Gloria is only a Catholic nun, there is little diplomatic pressure for her release.