New Prefect Of The Clergy?

Bishop Daniele Libanori, 67, is slated to succeed Cardinal Beniamino Stella, 78, as the Prefect of the Congregation for Clergy, (June 30) believes.

A Jesuit and auxiliary Bishop of Rome, Libanori was received by Francis on June 26. Both Stella and Libanori belong to the inner circle of Francis.

Libanori was ordained for Ferrara Archdiocese in 1977 and became a parish-priest and the rector of the seminary. He joined the Jesuits only in 1991 and would be one of the very few Curial bishops who was ever a parish priest.

He made himself a name as the killer of the Familia Christi.


Alex A
Oh no, not another Jesuit!
Hugh N. Cry
Heaven help us!