It’s misogynistic for a man to pretend he’s a woman and dominate women.

Female Athlete Resists Being Forced to Compete Against Biological Males

Alanna Smith, a high school track athlete from Connecticut, has been forced to compete against biological males who say they identify as females. In …
This post is not about Gloria Steinem or police officers and this policy comes from high school administrators, not "Jews" @Pope Ignorantt lll Save your propaganda for your own widely-ignored posts. Quit hijacking those of other people for their audience.
Pope Innocent lll
Marxist Jews such as Gloria Steinem and their followers, have inflicted this absurdity on men also. For decades now, policemen have been put in extra danger, with having to protect little feminine women cops, while having stressful fights with other men.
Louis IX
I may sound old and grizzled but in my day if a boy wanted to compete against girls because he wasn’t good enough to compete against boys in high school sports he would have been ridiculed and humiliated to the point of transferring to another school. Kind? No. Christian? Maybe not, but at least it was a better situation for the girls and there was far less confusion.