Court Upholds Prohibition: But Francis Bishop Promises to Fight

A Canadian court upheld on April 19 part of a Quebec law banning government employees - teachers, policemen, judges and other civil servants - from wearing religious symbols like crosses at work.

Exceptions are existing employees and members of Quebec’s provincial parliament under the principle that "all persons are eligible for public office."

Québec Auxiliary Bishop Marc Pelchat told that the judgement will be appealed.

As the Québec vicar general, Pelchat told Radio-Canada in October 2016 that Francis’ “reforms had to be done and they were done.” He accused those critical of them being disturbed “in their way of life.” Less than ten days after such intense bootlicking he was made an auxiliary bishop.

Picture: © Molly Sabourin, CC BY-NC, #newsOszyhrwzor

Of course he's going to fight. This directly affects our "Abrahamic" brothers who are extremely butthurt over the law. :P