Archbishop Whines: World Treats Us Badly

“Sadly, some of our leaders seem to want to close our society off from Christian ideas and values,” Los Angeles Opus Dei Archbishop José Gomez, 69, told Catholic advocates at the Minnesota state capitol on April 15.

“I am troubled by the growing censorship of Christian viewpoints on the internet and social media and the marginalisation of believers in other areas of our public discourse.”

The observation of the spineless archbishop was correct, however, whining about it, will not help as long as the Church behaves like an appendix of the world, and exchanges its pulpit for FaceBook and Youtube whose censorship tells them what they may say and what not.

Picture: José Gomez, © InkWeaverAtHeart -, CC BY-SA, #newsJaprgjrivf

...said the guy who voluntarily closed the churches of his diocese while pandering to those same leaders.