Vaticanista: Francis' God Is a "Caricature"

Rome is without pope because Francis “does not perform his duty as successor of Peter,” the vaticanista Aldo Maria Valli stated on RadioRomaLibera.org (February 2).

Bergoglio has downgraded the papal office, put his own person in the foreground, and has become a chaplain to the United Nations, Valli explains.

He analyses that Francis doesn’t speak about the God of the Bible but about a caricature, a god adapted to “man and his demand to be considered justified while living as if sin would not exist.”

Bergoglio’s theological perspective is deviated for Valli because Francis' god "is not one who forgives but rather one who removes all blame,” who refrains from commanding and prefers to understand and excuse. This god is not a judge but only “closeness.” Francis speaks of human “frailty,” not of sin. In Bergoglio’s vision, God has the duty to forgive and men a right to be forgiven.

Valli asks whether this god is Satan who pushes towards damnation and denies that the sins and vices with which he tempts us can kill our soul.

Picture: Aldo Maria Valli © AldoMariaValli.it, #newsGiecvcmffx

Bergoglio is not Catholic. And all his appointees are not Catholic as well. Since he sold China Catholics to China Communist Party everyone has to admit Bergoglio and his cronies are not Catholic. Ask Cardinal Zen from Hongkong.
He's repeating the same slogan & reasoning as sedevacantis Marco Tosatti. "Francis ain't doin' it right IMO, so he ain't pope." :P That's it in a nutshell. Typical sedevacantist fail.