Francis Promotes Liturgical Cold Warrior

Bishop Yves Le Saux, 61, of Le Mans (364’000 Catholics), France, was appointed Annecy Bishop on June 27 (527’000 Catholics).

Apart from being a liturgical cold warrior, Le Saux has never shown any excellence in being a bishop. In a June 21 decree, he applied Traditionis Custodes in an extremely rigid and legalistic way.

He went even beyond TQ and opposing Canon Law he imposed on Roman Rite priests to co-preside during the Chrism Eucharist.

He also stressed that the Fraternity of Saint Peter – which has a house in Annecy Diocese – may celebrate the Roman Rite only “in their own churches and oratories”. For all other places, Le Saux’ consent is required.

La Croix presents Le Mans Diocese as a place “where the power of the bishop is delegated to women.” Like the excellent Fréjus-Toulon Bishop Rey, Le Saux belongs to the Charismatic Emmanuel Community.


GJA Taylor
How sad, these men in capes spouting venom. Sacred Heart of Jesus be merciful.
Lisi Sterndorfer
Catholic Sat on the new document: “I think all Catholics accept the liturgical reforms, but they may not think they were wise, necessary or all good. Just like Catholics of the Pope’s generation thought that the Old Rite was not fit for purpose and needed reform. It doesn’t mean they didn’t accept the Old Rite“
Lisi Sterndorfer
This is he.