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Cardinal Surprised: Amazon Doesn't Have Married Deacons But Wants Married Priests

Vienna Cardinal Schönborn who belongs to the group responsible for drafting the final Amazon document, expressed his surprise that, although permanent married deacons are rare in Amazonia, there is a strong push to introduce married priests.

Talking to (October 19) he suggested introducing first married deacons before wanting to have married priests, adding that in Austria this first step has already been taken.

He explained that in Austria there are candidates for the married priesthood because Second Vatican Council “gave us the permission to ordain married men who have given a good witness of their family life, or their professional life, of their Christian faith, to be permanent deacons”.

In the United States over 20% of the married deacons are suspended for irregular marriages.

Picture: Christoph Schönborn, #newsSxpqtbrfvb

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