He wants to reduce us to beggars of his “benignity”? He hates us and our Faith.
Classic Bergoglio
“Even in the liturgy, the Church has no wish to impose a rigid uniformity in matters which do not implicate the faith or the good of the whole community” - Sacrosanctum Concilium (37), Vatican II’s Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy
la verdad prevalece
Bergoglio declared war on the Traditional Mass in Argentina to the point of receiving the title of the Plague of Egypt for the Argentine Church «Sagrada Tradición»: Bergoglio, una plaga de Egipto para la Iglesia argentina, o las siete juntas (
la verdad prevalece
The Horror!
A Buenos Aires journalist describes Bergoglio
 : A sworn enemy of the Traditional Mass, he has only allowed imitations of it in the hands of declared enemies of the ancient liturgy. He has persecuted every single priest who made an effort to wear a cassock, preach with firmness, or that was simply interested in Summorum Pontificum.
"I am an atheist, as is known, but the life of the Catholic Church interests me because it sets the heartbeat of our Judeo-Christian civilization, which is in bad shape" - Michel Onfray