One in Three Appointees Refuse the Mitre

Thirty percent of those chosen to become bishops, reject the offer, Cardinal Marc Ouellet told the Spanish magazine Vida Nueva on Friday.

Ten years ago, only one in ten did so. Many candidates justify their decision with personal reasons or with the fact that they don’t want to harm the Church.

The Congregation for Bishops accepts this, and asks the Pope to select another candidate from the list of three candidates drawn up by the Congregation.

Moreover, Francis desires another profile of bishops compared to his predecessors: "Fewer professors and more [so called] shepherds."

It is not enough to affirm the truths of Faith because culture has changed a lot in the last forty years, Ouellet reckons. Today we must enter into a "new era of dialogue."

The catchword "dialogue" is synonymous with surrender to the world.

Picture: Marc Ouellet, © Mazur, CC BY-SA, #newsZekklokpew

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