Benedict XVI Gives Very Frail Impression

Benedict XVI's health did not leave a good impression on the German journalist Peter Seewald, who meets him regularly.

Talking to the Austrian newspaper Kurier (December 24), Seewald said that Benedict XVI fell in October injuring his face. Previously he had fractured a vertebra.

According to Seewald Francis visits Benedict XVI “rarely”. On the other hand Benedict XVI told Seewald that he "gets along well" with Francis.

He certainly isn't long for this world. He was given enormous responsibility from God for the care of His Church. To whom much is given, much will be required. He is deserves our prayers.
Great response from @PrincessMolly on Twitter.
Vatican says Pope Francis visited retired Pope Benedict for an hour and a half last Thursday 21 Dec. to wish him the best for Christmas.
The title should be: "Pope Benedict XVI ... "
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