Huge protest in Montpellier, France against vaccine passports
@Jeffrey Ade The paper onesn France would work just as well if everyone in that crowd bothered to use 'em.
Jeffrey Ade
We need to start cleaning our freedom ballots!
Many of us are beyond thinking that elections work. Only those the cabal wants will be allowed puppet power. The party system has completely been broken in most supposed democracies. The globalists own people on both sides of the aisle.
There is an election soon you know what to do
For now the elections are the tool to use ,but make sure whom you are voting for ,i agree that lately there is little good choice ,you have to organise in putting good people to be elected from the local school elections to the federal elections
Make sure the rules of elections are fare , Most people should vote in person and should show identitfication and watch out for the computer corruption ,