Bishop Schneider: Touching the Eucharist With Gloves Is Treating It Like Rubbish

Never in history, the Eucharist has been as abused as in the past fifty years, Bishop Athanasius Schneider writes on (Full text, July 20).

For Schneider, the most serious abuses are Communion in the hand, receiving Communion without confession, and admitting Protestants and adulterers to Communion - which has been “even approved by the Pope.”

Schneider notices that in the “so-called” coronavirus pandemic further “horrible abuses” have appeared like imposing Communion in the hand on the faithful and denying the proper reception of Communion.

He qualifies touching the Blessed Sacrament with gloves which were produced for handling rubbish as an “unspeakable Eucharistic abuse.” When Christ is treated like a cookie or like rubbish, “no true Catholic bishop, priest or lay faithful can remain indifferent and simply stand by and watch.”

Schneider calls for a worldwide “crusade of reparation” in order to comfort the Eucharistic Lord. Every Catholic should adore the Blessed Sacrament one hour a month. Schneider has written a special prayer for this.


another homework to make a reparation...give us strength O Lord
The priest is committing a sacrilege by wearing Gloves.
Wichita Knight
Rubbish? Hardly. We also use gloves when we handle things we are not fit to touch.
Gotta LOVE the fake Ark Of The Covenant. The one in Indiana Jones looked way better, though.
Well said, Bishop Schneider! Good for you.