Kazakhstan Bishops Staunchly Defend Embattled Nuncio

The Kazakhstan Bishops defend their nuncio Francis Chullikatt who has been subject to allegations.

In a statement sent to they praise Chullikatt for his work and zeal, adding that there has not been "the slightest suspicion" about Chullikatt’s moral conduct or his behavior towards women.

The statement adds that he treats his collaborators and employees in the Nunciature with "kindness, courtesy and tact.”

The bishops also praise Chullikatt's role during his U.N. mission as a staunch defender of the unborn and of marriage and family, “often in close collaboration with many friendly Muslim-majority countries, including Kazakhstan.”

The statement is signed by Almaty Bishop José Luis Mumbiela Sierra, the president of the Kazakhstan Bishops' Conference, and Bishop Athanasius Schneider, its Secretary General.

Picture: Athanasius Schneider, José Luis Mumbiela Sierra, Francis Chullikatt, #newsYqrvxtmwrz