Extremely Low Attendance At General Audience

At Pope Francis' November 13 General Audience, the people did barely fill half of St Peter's Square.

The weather was lousy but the low attendance is an ongoing phenomenon.

The article’s picture is taken from the Vatican live-stream in the moment before Francis appeared. The screens are already on.

Francis is extolled by a small clique of oligarch journalists, but he has little following among good practicing Catholics.


I guess not many want to be around when the quake hits!
@Jugerheld Probably "...exactly as planned." :/
I wonder what goes through his mind when he sees these tiny crowds...
“Damn! Looks like I’m going to miss my quota of souls for Hell again this week!”
Novella Nurney
Shocking news. The bloviating Bishop of Rome isnt drawing record crowds. With his scowl and " newspeak" homilies. I'd as soon watch paint dry, at least I wouldn't be " scandalized " . Lord have mercy upon us.