A senior at Providence College in Rhode Island has become the focus of bitter denunciations after he posted material in his dormitory defending traditional marriage. With approval from administrators of the Catholic college, angry students will demonstrate on March 21 to demand respect for “diversity.” A minority of faculty members have come to the support of the embattled student.

Providence College Faculty: PC Should Support Smalanskas and Affirm Marriage

in Culture & Family, Education - Opinion We are faculty at Providence College. We would like to make the following statements in response to …
It is SHAME on dominicans and college administration, but "fish smels from the head". If pope and Vatican are in APOSTASY, it is not difficult to find their followers in whole this world.
Joseph a' Christian
@aderito - ABSOLUTELY FALSE, "love the sinner but hate the sin." This false statement goes directly against the numerous warnings within the Holy Word, to throw out the unrepentant sinner among you. Jesus Himself stated to cast away the sinner who would not listen to his brother, nor a witness, nor the Church.
This false statement has kaused an enormous amount of konfusion among Catholics.
Iam all for traditional marriage ,Man and a woman =natural law = from God ,anything else is not in God`s plan ,at the same time we as christians should love the sinner but hate the sin
Shameful and disgusting how this student has been treated for expressing Catholic beliefs in a Catholic school and what this school's administration allows to go on there. Sickening.