Viganò’s New Book Contains A Letter to Francis

Archbishop Viganò wrote in a March 2019 letter to Francis that his (Francis’) words, deeds, decisions and his behaviour and silence have caused suffering, bewilderment, confusion, and division.

The letter was written in context of the Vatican’s February 2019 abuse meeting but was never sent.

Now it’s published in Viganò’s recent book “Nell’ora della prova” (In the Time of Trial).

The letter accuses Francis of cancelling the principle of noncontradiction and sacrificing it on the altar of relativism.

This goes hand in hand with Francis’ slogan that “reality is superior to ideas” which is interpreted in a way that human behaviour, including vice and sin, are considered more important than the Truth inscribed in God’s Law, Viganò explains.

He quotes a well-known Jewish professor and convert who compared the current corruption in the Vatican to that existing in the Synedrium which condemned Christ on the grounds of false witnesses.